Ship wharf

Guest harbour
Laivarannantie 5, 34600 Ruovesi

The ship wharf in Ruovesi has space for about 120 boats.
Piers A and B are reserved for people with season-long berths. Pier C acts as a guest pier for short-term berthing subject to daily charges.
No reservations are taken for short-term berthing: if there is space on Pier C, anyone can berth there and, whenever a boat leaves, the berth is freed up for the next user. The new part of Pier A also has some space: berths that have a blue sign reading “VARATTU” are reserved for people with season-long berths but berths without signs can be used freely.

Other services at the ship wharf

Church boats: Ruovesi local heritage association, two church boats to hire (15 pairs of oars).
Swimming near the ship wharf.
Runeberg’s spring, coastal trail 600 m.
Ruoveden Rantaravintola, shoreside restaurant open in the summer.
S/S Tarjanne, a ship operating the route between Tampere and Virrat from the beginning of June to the beginning of August.
M/S Katrina, a restaurant boat at the Ruovesi ship wharf in the summer time.

Ruovesi tourist information 5 June–20 August, open daily 11am–6pm. Tel: +358 44 787 1388.
Email: (service in Finnish and English).